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Welcome to

Conferro Heritaè

Combining Art and Tech

Welcome to Conferro, the London and New Delhi based Art House. Redefining art engagement by combining Art and Technology, Conferro looks at cultivating a new generation of collectors, and preserving cultural heritage through rare pieces. Join us in appreciating diverse legacies with seamless acquisitions and authenticated NFT's for real world collectibles.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

Chance to Co own various collectibles and re-sell through the marketplace portal



An eclectic mix of Fine Art and rare collectibles auctions



Outright acquisition of rare items for your collection, backed by NFTs.

Content & Research

Conferro Athenaeum

Dedicated to preserving history and cultural heritage, we enhance the collector community through educational events. Our programs spotlight, promote, and auction items from the world's oldest civilization, allowing collectors to acquire and cherish these rare pieces.