Vintage cars take you back to a time when having four wheels meant that you belonged to royalty. In the past 72 years, the automobile industry has improved in all spheres imaginable – right from your super fast, super snazzy Ferrari to the AI- driven Tesla, cars are now accessible not just to royal families. However, the looks of awe and respect that a vintage car gets when you see one on the road are only what a blue- blooded should deserve.

With the advent of time and the incorporation of social media in our lives, vintage cars have taken a special place in our hearts. Automobile aficionados look forward to vintage car rallies on warm winter afternoons the whole year. Weddings get a royal makeover with vintage cars. For couples who cannot go for weddings in medieval castles or grand palaces, they opt for beautiful Rolls Royce or Ford 1946 to add grandeur to their weddings.